The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India typically follows a structured curriculum for pre-primary education, which includes Nursery, LKG (Lower Kindergarten), and UKG (Upper Kindergarten) levels. The focus of pre-primary education in CBSE schools is on holistic development, with an emphasis on play-based learning and fostering foundational skills. Here’s an overview of the CBSE pre-primary curriculum


Pri-Primary Curriculum

Play-Based Learning

The CBSE curriculum for pre-primary education is child-centered and play-based. It encourages active learning through various activities, games, and interactive experiences.

Language Development

* Listening and Speaking
* Pre-Reading Skills
* Pre-Writing Skills


Basic mathematical concepts introduced through hands-on activities and games. Focus on numbers, shapes, patterns, and counting.

Environmental Studies

Introduction to the environment and the world around them. Topics may include seasons, animals, plants, and the local community.

Creative Arts

# Drawing and Coloring
# Crafts
# Music and Dance

Physical Education

Basic physical activities and exercises to promote physical health and fitness.

Social and Emotional Development

Encouraging social interactions, teamwork, and emotional awareness through group activities and games.

Value Education

Introducing moral values and ethics through simple stories and examples.
Assessment : Continuous and comprehensive evaluation based on observation, teacher-parent interactions, and periodic assessments. There are no formal exams or grades at this stage.

Field Trips and Excursions

Basic mathematical concepts introduced through hands-on activities and games. Focus on numbers, shapes, patterns, and counting.

Parent Involvement

CBSE emphasizes the active involvement of parents in the learning process, including regular parent-teacher interactions and activities.

Health and Hygiene

Drawing aBasic lessons on personal hygiene, cleanliness, and healthy habits.d Coloring
Music and Dance


CBSE recognizes the importance of nurturing a child's curiosity, creativity, and social skills during the pre-primary years. The curriculum is designed to provide a supportive and stimulating environment where children can explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. It's important to note that the specific curriculum may vary slightly from one CBSE-affiliated school to another, but the core principles of play-based learning and holistic development remain consistent.


A school activities gallery is typically a collection of photographs or visual representations showcasing various events, activities, and achievements that take place within a school. These galleries are often displayed on the school’s website, in yearbooks, or on notice boards within the school building. They serve several purposes:

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