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I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As the school director, I wanted to take a moment to address all of you and share some thoughts as we embark on another exciting academic year.

First and foremost, I want to extend a warm welcome to both our returning students and those who are new to our school community. Each of you brings a unique set of talents, aspirations, and potential to our school, and we are thrilled to have you as part of our family.

Education is a journey, and during your time here, you will not only gain knowledge but also develop essential life skills, make lasting friendships, and create memories that will stay with you forever. It is our mission to provide you with a nurturing and stimulating environment where you can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

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Awards & Recognitions

Dr. Bharadwaj Naidu, Chairman- Abhyaas The Global School, is an eminent educationist. For over thirty years, he has been striving to bring the quality education within the reach of everyone. As the head of the ever-expandingAbhyaas The Global School , it is fair to say, he has been successful in accomplishing his mission. His march forward, defining and redefining and often setting new standards in the student learning and teaching environment has been widely recognised in the two Telugu speaking states. Recognising his continuous, dedicated services to the education field, Global Human Peace University accorded him an honorary doctorate, a richly deserved honour.

A mathematics teacher himself, who was moved by the plight of students losing out their ‘sweet and joyous’ childhood for the early foundation courses of learning and schooling, he forayed into schools determined to offer a new path where learning and living harmoniously exist. Ever since, he has been fairly successful in creating a thriving environment for the children to realise their career and life goals without ‘sacrificing’ their childhood. Greenwood High Schools’ results, not in one particular year but year after year, stand as a testimony to his thoughtful and innovative initiatives and institution building capabilities. As the head of the institutions, he is always at forefront to bring the focus to the child. In the age of increasingly commercialised education environment, relentlessly striving to keep the focus on the child, perhaps, only he could manage.

As an institution builder, he takes immense pride in creating a fostering environment in the residential campus as well as in the day school. The foundation programs he designed aim to enable the children to enjoy childhood and learn all the subjects necessary for life, rather than making them slaves of a few selected subjects. “How can anyone expect a child to grow into a responsible individual or a concerned citizen by depriving him of essential ‘nourishment’ of subjects like social studies and languages/humanities?” he is quick to react when asked what’s the need of new foundation program.

Studied at the top tier institutions of the time, that include the prestigious APRS (Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools), he understands what kind of environment enables a child to bring out the best of the talents lying hidden in him/her. He says, “Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.” It indicates how sensible he is to discern the natural talents of a child that are largely ignored by everyone around the child. Hence, he could be most successful at creating that stimulating environment for the learners to enjoy the learning process, never feeling
it as a burden.

In the profit-oriented modern day ‘corporate schools’ age, Bharadwaja Naidu strives to create a home away from home for children by being the patriarch of the school. He resides in the campus and eats the food in the hostel same as students and be accessible to students round the clock. Perhaps, in the age of profit-driven ‘management’ systems, a director living with the students and monitoring their well- being like a father 24 hours speaks for his commitment to the cause; perhaps it’s even unheard of before as well.

“We strive to fulfil our only aim and goal of providing the best possible education for our students. Our school is located in the midst of a green and pleasant environment that gives students a great place for learning. Our school’s philosophy will prepare students to meet the challenges of the future by instilling a desire for innovative
thought and creative accomplishment. We aim to ensure that our students achieve their highest academic and personal potential. We also aim to give our students a stronger foundation,” he adds.

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