CBSE-New Delhi,  CBSE Affiliation : 130301                                                                                                                                       School Code : 28153500608 

CBSE-New Delhi,  CBSE Affiliation : 130301                                        School Code : 28153500608 

Abhyaas The Global School - Bhimavaram


Abhyaas The Global School is truly a New Generation Educational Group committed to educate children for life and thus bring a change in the society. The schools promoted by the group represent the transformational stage of education, globally. This metamorphosis and the learning philosophy practised at Abhyas infuses traditional values into a progressive approach, equipping students to become independent, aware of ground realities yet able to adapt and excel in their chosen fields anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

“Wisdom cannot be taught in classrooms, a child has to acquire it in the process of education”-

"Bertrand Russell.
We do believe the same and our vision is education is a continuous and endless process.



#02 Club Activities



Sports & Games

#04 Mallakhamba & Rope Skipping

TOP 500 SCHOOLS in India and bagged the coveted and prestigious ‘BRAINFEED SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022-2023’.

Abhyaas has been recognized as one of those premier schools that have been rendering service of par excellence in the field of education. This year too, Abhyaas  has been in the lime light by finding a prominent place among the TOP 500 SCHOOLS in India and bagged the coveted and prestigious ‘BRAINFEED SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022-2023’.

Our Mission

Our constant endeavour is to direct each child to become a motivated lifelong learner by experiencing the joy of discovery and the ownership of results. Our integrated curriculum of Greenwood & Abhyas ensures wide exposure to show case their skills


Dr.Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu

A person who leads by example and motivates the people around him to achive predestined goals , has been a academacian over the lost three decades

He has Successful claimed the wrongs of ladder leading to excellence in providing educational facilities over Warangal . The Schools and Colleges he has been a part of runs through his clarity if vision.

He is thus a great motivator who understand  the psychological  bent of mind of every child who comes under his care- this enables him to guide them appropriately

The students the has guided over the years have reached to the pinnacle of their careers in various fields  – both overseas and in  India – which is a great achievement for an educationist

Thus he is the leading light for all the plans envisaged and executed at the educational institutions under him  

0 3
Year of Excellence
8 K+


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Mr. Satya Narayana

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Facilities in Campus

Fully-equipped classrooms

Digital Empowered

Well Experienced Faculty

Vibrant Cultural Events

10 Acres Campus

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Holistic Curriculum


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